Walkies in the fog

One very woofly foggy day, daddy suggested to go to find the ruins of Ankerwycke priory (established around 1160 and dissolved in 1536) and the 2000-year-old yew tree.

Woof!  Walking in the very thick fog is exciting!  Let’s go!


And it was really foggy.
We could hardly see anything except very vague shapes of trees and some humans.

Trees in the fog……they were something magical and mysterious.


Of course, we posed for daddy.
Mummy told us to sit and walked off further and further.  We were scared because mummy and daddy could disappear in the fog.  That is why Silky’s bum isn’t on the ground properly.


The little pond looked icy cold.


It was muddy and we were tatty.  The bench was wet and our little bums were cold, and yet daddy told us to pose on the bench.


We walked and walked.  We looked for the big tree.
It should be easy because the tree must be huge.  We wouldn’t miss it.
However, we never found the yew tree or the ruins of priory.

How long were we there, daddy?
The fog was getting thicker and thicker and the air became colder and colder.


Where are the yew tree and the priory, daddy?
We wanted to find them.  It shouldn’t be that difficult but it was getting dark so we had to decide to go home.

Awww….this avenue of trees are rather beautiful, don’t you think?
I wonder what is the end of this path?



We went home that day, but we didn’t give up.  We decided to finish our yew tree and priory hunt before this Christmas holiday finished.

The weather was cold but clear, daddy got the instruction of “The park circular walk” and we were all ready for the hunt.


We followed daddy’s instruction but as you know daddy is a professional get-loster, so mummy, Silky and I, we all helped daddy and finally…….


We found the ruins of the priory.
As you can see, there were wired fences and a few people were walking inside.  Somehow, it was only us who were walking this side of the fence.

Why daddy?


We managed to get inside of the fence and found this beautiful 2000-year-old yew tree.


The shape, the colour and the pattern of the tree was amazing.

Now, we started to walk towards the direction which other people came from.

そして人々が来た方向へ同じように戻りましたが、え?この並木道、あの霧の濃い日に見たよね? そうです、この道の反対側から写真撮りました。ってことは、あの時、並木道を歩いていたら遺跡とイチイの木があったわけです。なーんだ。

This avenue of the trees.   Woof?
I think we were walking the other side of this path on that foggy day, daddy.  That means if we had walked down the path we would have found the yew tree and the ruins.

We carried on our circular walk and posed for daddy on the same bench where we had posed on that cold foggy day.
The view was different but we were as tatty as we had been the other day.


When you walk in the nature you can find out some interesting facts.
For example, the grass in this massive field was mainly short, however, there were placed with thick green grass.  Do you know why?

In the middle of the thick grass is cow’s poo-poo.

自然の中を歩くと色々なことに気付きます。この広いフィールドの芝はみな短い。でもところどころ、フサフサ。なぜ? フサフサの所には牛のウンがあるのです。肥料ですね。


Do you know what those round balls in the trees are?
Mummy thought that they were nests but if you look at them closely you can see they are not, and they are very green.

The answer is that they are mistletoe.
Widipedia says that “Mistletoes attach to and penetrate the branches of a tree or shrub by a structure called the haustorium, through which they absorb water and nutrients from the host plant.”

After this adventure we were all amazingly muddy.  We got lots of mud balls and things in our fur and smelt like the field, but as soon as we got home mummy and daddy dunked us in the bath for our special new year shampoo.
Now, we are sparkly clean and fluffy, and smell like spring flowers.

Love Coco


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  1. OOOH it’s sort of spooky there in all the fog.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      Maybe you wouldn’t want to walk on your own but it was quite beautiful. Love. Coco and Silky

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