Adventure to Virginia Water via the new agility venue

On Sunday, mummy practiced to go to the new agility venue which uncle Kevin successfully found.
Mummy and daddy carefully studied Google Maps beforehand and we safely got to the venue without any problem.  We got lost a little bit on the way back, though.

We stopped at Chobham to do some walkies.
To start with, mummy and daddy tried a public toilet in the car park.  It was OK but could be better, so they said.  Silky and I are lucky because we can do lovely open-air peepee and poopoo, basically anywhere we like.

We walked around the village and walked into a park which daddy enjoyed very much.

The new venue is near Chobham and it is lovely to drive the pretty way towards there, but we cannot go to Virginia Water after the class anymore because it isn’t on our way home.

Well, that is what we thought.  However!

When mummy and I were enjoying looking at Google Map we found out we could go to the venue via Virginia Water.  Yay!!


We were going to practice this route on the weekend but mummy suddenly decided to go today.  We went via Chertsey on the way which we’d done before because there are a few turns via Virginia Water way.

It took 30 minutes to get there, and now we were going towards Virginia Water.  Last night, mummy told me to remember the order of the turns so I did.
“Right….Right….Left…and Right”.  Each turn was at the dead end so it was easy to remember where.

Now, we are at Sunningdale!
We know the way from here.  Hooray!

On the way, there was a very muddy narrow country road and mummy went off the road once or twice but it was nothing really and it took only 15 minutes to get Virginia Water.

We got out of the car and what a surprise!
We found our friend, auntie Heather and her doggie babies there.  We walked together which was really really lovely.


Auntie Heather had a lunch arrangement with her friend so we said bye-bye and carried on our walkies a little bit longer before heading home.

We can go to Virginia Water after the class like we always did.
Thank you, uncle Kevin, finding the venue in such a lovely location.

Love Coco

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