Care home update.

I visited the residential care home on Tuesday.
As I mentioned before, the home is closing down by the end of February so there were only 5 ladies in the lounge.
This lady likes me very much and the way she tickles me is amazing.  I don’t know much about her but I can feel she really loves doggies.

Cocoが訪問している老人ホームは2月いっぱいで閉鎖になります。どうやら空港利用者用のB&Bになるとか? ほとんどの人が新しいホームに引っ越して、この日は5人の女性だけがラウンジに。この女性はワンちゃん大好き。会話が出来ないので詳しいことは何も知らないけど、触り方からすると本当に犬が好きな様子。もう一人のお喋り好きじゃJさんがCocoの名前を聞いてきたので答えると「ジョンソン?」いや「Coco です」「ジョンソン」「COCO!」「うーん、ジョンソン」頑張ったけどちょっと不安そうになってきたので私が折れてジョンソンにしときました。

Another lady who loves chatting asked my name.
Me “I’m Coco”
The lady “Johnson?”
Me “No, COCO”
The lady “Johnson”
The lady “Well….Johnson”
We repeated this a few times but I happily decided to be “Johnson”.

Lady G who was my oldest client had moved to the new home before Christmas.    The new home is in the area where she used to live so it seems that she is ever so happy there.

Lady G’s friend, Lady R, was still there but today she is going to move to the same home as Lady G.  Yes, they will be friends again.
We were very happy for Lady R, because she had been worried about the situation a lot.
Last time when we saw her she was very upset.  She explained to us what had happened;
A couple of weeks ago a social worker took her to some home to see if she liked it or not.  Lady R didn’t like the area but anyway the social worker took her there.  Lady R knew she wouldn’t like the place so she started crying in the car, refusing to get out of the car.
The social worker said “You are wasting my time!”
When they came back to the home this social worker didn’t help Lady R get out of the car, although she is 95 years old and has a little bit of difficulty of walking.
What a nasty human being!!!
I hope she won’t see this mean social worker ever again.

My newest client ,Lady H, who had been scared of doggies until recentlt wanted to take my lead so mummy let her.  She happily explained to Lady R how she liked me.  It was a bit of a happy moment but then,
Lady H “I shall miss you”.
Lady R “I’ll miss you, too.  Oh…I’m so worried about you”.
Yes, she is worried about Lady H because she hasn’t got a new place yet.
But Lady H smiled and said “Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine”.
I think she will be fine, daddy.


It was going to be the last time for us to see Lady R so we said proper Bye-Bye to her before we left.

The building is still for sale but it seems that the owner of the home is going to transfer the building to a B&B for people from the airport.
Well, we don’t know if it’s true but that is what we heard.


Love Johnson

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  1. This is so sad… I feel like crying :(

  2. milehigirl says:

    Dear Coco
    The situation with those ladies is very sad and it makes me upset how the elderly are kind of forgotten and their feelings are no taken into account. BUT I know you made their lives much, much brighter when you went for your visits !!!!!! You are a wonderful little puppy girl !!!!!!
    I really enjoy your posts very much as I feel you are very special, Silky also.
    Well wags and kisses from your friend across the pond. (Denver,CO)

    Love Sherri

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