Test visit for the residential care home

The residential care home we’d been visiting for more than 4 years was officially closed down the end of February so mummy asked the coordinator lady for the waiting list.  However, the coordinator lady told mummy that there was one place which had been waiting for a while, and she gave mummy the contact number and the name of the lady in charge.

One day, mummy called the home and asked for the lady but the lady wasn’t working at the home anymore.  Mummy explained why she was calling and then they said the name of a new lady who was in charge, which was “Lady C”, however, Lady C wasn’t working on the day.

Mummy called back a couple of days later and asked for Lady C, however, mummy was too early.  Lady C was not there yet.

Then, mummy called back again but this time Lady C was out somewhere and mummy was told to call back in two hours.

Mummy called back a bit later than “in two hours” and Lady C was already gone home.

A couple of days later, mummy tried again but Lady C wasn’t there.  I don’t remember the reason anymore but anyway they took our telephone number.

So mummy waited but Lady C never called back.

A couple of days later, mummy tried again but Lady C was…..what was it?
Anyway, they said that they would remind Lady C, and yet nothing happened.

Mummy was going to stop trying but she called one last time yesterday.  Finally, Lady C was there.

Lady C was quietly listening what mummy was explaining, then she said
“How much do you charge us?”

Woof….we are charity.  We don’t charge them anything, do we?  If I can get some biscuits, that would be lovely, though.

Mummy explained about it (not biscuits bit) and then Lady C suddenly became very happy, chirpy and lovely, and they arranged my test visit.

The home was lovely.  It was very different from the one we’d been visiting.  What can I say…..it was a lot bigger, brighter and what is more the atmosphere was much happier.

Everyone liked me but especially Lady C was over the moon.  She took lots of photos of me and resident ladies as well as with staff.

We stayed about 45 minutes because mummy noticed that I was getting tired.  Yes, it is quite tiring job, you see?

Lady C passionately thanked mummy and hugged, hugged and hugged mummy.  Mummy and I decided to carry on visiting so Lady C and I (not mummy) checked our diary and arranged my next visit.

One of the resident lady asked me if I could do some trick so I showed my specialty “Bang!” and also “Left turn” “Right turn”.  Everyone clapped for my glorious movement and I felt like a star because mummy teaches me tricks and posts them on Youtube but I don’t hear any clapping, do I?

I haven’t practiced tricks recently so I have to brush up my skills and master new ones, too.  Of course, I am going to show my another specialty “Getting in a red suitcase” but not yet.

All in good time.


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  1. Oh Coco what a sweet darling doggie you are….

  2. ManSteflat says:

    Coco, you are so sweet! Glad you and mummy has found the nice home again.

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