I’ve retired.

Hello Everyone.  It’s been woofly long since we did blogging last.  We have had this and that since then, and now I have made a big decision.  What do you think it is?


Yes, I have decided to retire from Pets As Therapy.
I have worked as a therapy doogie for nearly 5 years and during this time I met lots of lovely ladies and gentlemen.  And also I had quite a few very memorable breakthroughs.  Each one of them is very precious memory for mummy and me.  If we were still visiting the old residential care home it would have been difficult to quit.


The reason of my retirement is not because I am 10 years old or the old residential care home was closed down.
The reason is……


Our mummy got a job.  She is now working for the library.
It’s a part-time job, so mummy can spend enough time with us in the morning and then she goes to work while we are having our beauty napnap and then then she comes home by our dindin time.  Also, the library is closed on Mondays so mummy and I can go to my Monday agility class.  What a perfect part-time job she got!

Mummy tried to continue our visiting to the new residential care home, but oh my woof!  There are woofly lots of things to learn for mummy.  Someone said “Those library people are just saying Hello and Goodbye” but they are saying and doing more than that.
You can see https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/libraries   if you are interested in what mummy is getting into.

Anyway, do not worry, mummy. We look after the house while you are struggling to learn things at work.


And also , don’t worry, everyone.
I contacted to the area coordinator lady and she said there are a few people living near the new residential care home so she would be able to find our replacement very quickly.
The lady and gentlemen at the home will be fine.

Love Coco and Silky

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  1. Good luck to mummy! I’m sure there will be a replacement to visit the ladies and gentlemen soon.

  2. Mary Scheck says:

    Well Coco &Silky, best wishes to you both & especially to Mommy. Lots to learn but I am sure she is up to the task .Hopefully u keep us posted on what you are up to?Thanks for the times u have shared with us

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