Egham Royal Show

We went to one of our annual summer events “Egham Royal Show” on Saturday and Sunday to attend the dog agility display. We ran the course which auntie E had designed. It was difficult but fun!  We did a couple of runs each in the morning and then it was the time for the Dog show.

Other agility doggies entered a couple of classes and mummy and daddy felt”Why not?”. They decided to enter me in “The best veteran” and “The dog the judge would like to take home” or something.

I was confident.  I must be the cutiest and fittest veteran doggie in the area.
Surely, I am prettier than him, aren’t I?


The judge lady came to us and asked my age.
“Yes, I am 10 years old”.
The judge lady said that I looked very good for 10 years old.

Then, I showed off my athletic jolly and light gait.
Nobody will beat me, daddy.  I’m the best veteran in the area.


However, I was the bottom.
I was called at the very end.  Mummy was laughing.
Well, maybe the judge lady thought I looked too young and fit to be called “Veteran”.

ところが結果は最下位? 順番あるのか分からないけど、最後の最後に名前呼ばれたんだけど、どういうこと? その後の「家に連れて帰りたい犬」部門でも全くかすりもせずの惨敗。

Then, it was the time for the next class “The dog the judge would like to take home” or something.
Surely, she would want to take me home, wouldn’t she?

However, she chose other doggies.  She didn’t want to take me home.

We had to do something about this result.

The following day, mummy and daddy decided to enter Silky.
Mummy groomed Silky and she was very shiny, fluffy and pretty.
She will win “The prettiest bitch”, won’t she, daddy?


However, they didn’t have “The prettiest bitch” on the second day.
Therefore, mummy and daddy entered Silky in “The best 6 legs (Silky for 4 and daddy for 2)” and also  “The best condition”.
Nobody has long and slender legs or beautiful and shiny coat like Silky does.  Silky has the most beautiful legs and coat in the area.

It was Silky’s first ever dog show but she did really really well.  She didn’t mind being touched by the judge lady on the table and she ran along daddy as though she was a real show dog.

She was stunning……….

結果・・・「ベスト6本足(妙な訳でスミマセン)」でリザーブをゲット。でもベストコンディションでは入賞せず。なぜ~? おかしいわ。絶対おかしいわあのジャッジ・・・と思ったショーでした(飼い主バカです)。

However, the result was……..

Silky got “Reserved” for “The best 6 legs” and none for “The best condition”.

It was a very strange dog show.

Love Coco

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  1. I don’t care what those judges say… you and Silky are best in show!

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