Mummy’s promises

When mummy started working part-time mummy promised us a couple of things.

She promised us that we would never miss our walkies and lunch-lunch, she would always come home at around our din-din time, and she would buy lots of yummy biscuits with her wages.
Also, she told us that she was going to buy something for us with her first wage in the UK.

The last Thursday in August, mummy got her memorable first wage in the UK and we all went to a pet department store.
Mummy is going to keep her promise.  That is why we love mummy.

However, the thing she bought for us with her first wage was this.

図書館でのパートを始めるにあたってCoco、シルキーと約束したことは「絶対にお散歩は欠かさない」「晩御飯までに帰ってくる」「パートのお給料でたっくさんオヤツを買ってあげる」。そして初めてのお給料では何かCocoとシルキーのためになる物を買ってあげる。8月最後の木曜日は初めてのお給料日♥ 週末にみんなでペットショップへお買い物。そして買いました。念願のシェーバー。足裏の毛をカットするものです。Coco、シルキー、全然嬉しそうじゃありません。

Paw-paw hair shaver.  

Something for us….
Is this something for us?

Mummy had known our paw-paw hair had been overgrown but left them to use this paw-paw hair shaver.


Mummy turned it on.

I hate buzzing noise.  Fly, drone, etc.  Whatever it is, I hate it.
So I attacked the thing and mummy held me not to move.

Buzz….Buzz……Buzz…..The shaver buzzed.
Grrr…..Grrr….Grrr…..I growled.
I endured for mummy.
Mummy must have thought that Silky and I would be happy to have the paw-paw hair shaver.  That must be why she spent her memorable first wage in the UK on  it.  I mustn’t ruin her moment.



I don’t know what all this nonsense is about but mummy and daddy were both extremely happy about the result.

It took a while for Silky to allow mummy to use a pair of little trimming scissors to cut her paw-paw hair, so this buzzing shaver is a little bit too much for her yet.  However, mummy tried Silky’s back paw-paw while Silky was squirrel watching and she didn’t care.


We always look after the house while mummy is happily struggling at the library.
I think that she will buy a huge box of yummy biscuits when she gets her second wage.

Love Coco

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2 Responses to Mummy’s promises

  1. You girls are too much. I have a difficult time with Shelly’s paw-paw trimming too. But I know she won’t let me use that on her. Mummy is funny.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      We are very happy that you enjoyed our blog, although that buzzing shaver is very annoying. Love Coco and Silky

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