Happy Puppy Angel/ハッピー パピー エンジェル

It’s hotter today isn’t it?  Mummy took me to Focus park instead of the park.  I had never been to Focus park before and mummy said it might be a bit boring for me.  What is it like there?  


There was no fence around the park so I had to be on the lead.  However, mummy used the flexible lead so I could chase pigeons and had a nice run.  Going to the park is much more fun but Focus park is much better than walking around on the pavement.  I was quite happy there, daddy.


After my walkies mummy took Coco out.  Why didn’t you walk us together, mummy?  Mummy said that to go to the Focus park you either had to walk through the station or walk on the narrow pavement, and it was a bit difficult to take two doggies. 

Hmmm…it is me isn’t it?  It’s because I try to chase cars isn’t it?  I think it would be woofly fun to chase cars and motor bikes.  Imagine, running and chasing those high speed things!!  It would be complete fun!!  So I always try and mummy tells me off…I wonder…how can I stop this habit?


Coco said she sat in the garden a bit but it was burning hot.  The weather man said it was 30 degrees c (86 degrees f) today!!  Dear, dear… 


When Coco came back mummy gave me ice and I enjoyed it very much. It is cold and crunchy and woof…very refreshing!  I don’t know why but Coco isn’t interested in ice at all.  Coco said she used to.  Hmmm…is it puppy thing?


Anyway, when it is woofly hot like today, you should cool down and spend your afternoon with a lovely nap nap shouldn’t you?


Mummy has a few fans and she fanned us to cool down.  However the movement of the fan was fun and it made me excited, and I got hotter!!  And I got excited so that Coco got excited and hotter too!!

The fan itself made me excited and what is more, mummy used the Disney one and it made me even more excited.  Mummy has a Disney mirror too and I somehow love those Disney goods.  They are happy colours aren’t they?


After a bit of excitement with the fans we had lunch lunch.  Well, we will have a lovely nap nap not to get hot again. 


Daddy, you will walk me after dinner for YOUR exercise won’t you?  We started this last night and I enjoyed it a lot!!  I couldn’t stop smiling when I got home couldn’t I, mummy?  I will have a good rest and be waiting for you, daddy!!

Hmmm…there are lots of fun things aren’t there?  Mummy always says “Silky is a happy and funny girl”.  Is it puppy thing?


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2 Responses to Happy Puppy Angel/ハッピー パピー エンジェル

  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    hi silky… shelly loves to bark at high-speed tings too! but it’s what doggies do i guess…
    it’s hot here too – it always seems like it’s in the 90’s…

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna,
      WOOOF!! Is it always hot like that there? It is very cool today so we are relieved. Daddy said scary (heavy) rain is comming, though. :rain:
      Love Silky

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