Japanese Lesson/日本語のレッスン

I am learning some Japanese today. 


Who do you think my teacher is?

私でーす!でもCOCOの日本語って関西弁ちゃうの? 基礎だから関西弁なしでいけるそうです。

Coco says that mummy isn’t very good at teaching, but I wonder…Coco speaks Japanese with a Kansai (Osaka) accent doesn’t she?  Some Japanese people said that Coco’s Kansai accent was very funny in their comments didn’t they?  But Coco says she can speak Japanese with a proper accent, so I will trust her…

We started by introducing ourselves.:anjing:


Then I learnt how to say what my occupation was. 




And then I learnt how to introduce Shaun and David too…


Next I learnt how to ask someone’s age.


We even did how to say when you own something.





Phew…Studying other languages is hard isn’t it?:amazed:




Daddy, it was fun learning Japanese from Coco.  Why don’t you join us next time? 

If any of our friends or readers undertood the lesson why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us your occupation. In Japanese of course….



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7 Responses to Japanese Lesson/日本語のレッスン

  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    I love your Japanese! It’s so funny when you said “that pigeon is mine.” ha ha ha…
    It’s true that learning languages is hard…

  2. cocosheltie says:

    Hello Donna,
    Learning Japanese is quite easy for me because I am still a little puppy girl. Maybe it is difficult for daddy because he is an old dog, and you can’t teach him new tricks.
    Love Silky

  3. Hermione Sheltie says:

    I am overcome with admiration. It takes all my concentration to learn chutes and weaves at agility. And before I joined Mom’s family, no one ever talked to me, and I hardly knew any English. I don’t think I could learn Japanese. No wonder you are my role models.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Hermione,
      My mummy is Japanese so it is not that difficult for us but she is not good at teaching, that is the problem.
      Love Coco & Silky

  4. みつまめ says:


    • cocosheltie says:


  5. Anuradha says:

    Ari gato gosai mas


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