Tricky Tuesday, Silky too/小さい容器に入る芸 達成!

It’s been raining since morning.  How depressing…We’ve been stuck in the house.  However, mummy played with us and oh my woof!! It was so exciting that I was panting when we finished.  Coco was mainly barking and the barking made her tired too.  We slept like this for a while…Zzzz…:rain:




After a while I woke up but Coco was still sleeping.  Hmmm…what shall I do???  Woof!! why don’t I do some blogging!!  It is Tuesday, so I can show you our accomplishments! 


Last week Coco got in three small containers and she had been working on smaller ones, and she did it!  Look at her face!  She is proud isn’t she?


Of course you can watch the video too.



Mummy thought that this trick wasn’t for me because it took me a while to get in even the biggest one.  However, once I got in the biggest one it was easy-peasy to get in a smaller one, and even another smaller one.  Then mummy thought that I might be too big for the smallest one but I was so good that mummy carried on and ta-da!!


I got in the smallest one too!  I can even sit down in there like Coco does. :Yb


It is fun to learn new tricks.  We, doggies, like using our brain don’t we?  What is more I can have yummies when I do well.  Coco and I also began to learn sitting out of the baby gate to wait while one of us are learning.  Coco used to bark very loudly but now she sits quietly observing what mummy and I are doing.


Coco has been trying to learn “Shy” but now she has another problem.  At first the problem was that she didn’t mind having a small sticker on her face, but now she thinks the sticker is called “Shy”, so when mummy says “Shy” she picks the sticker up.  Mummy thinks Coco does that because she is clever…Love is blind, isn’t it?



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10 Responses to Tricky Tuesday, Silky too/小さい容器に入る芸 達成!

  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    I like watching your training videos. Today Shelly was acting very, very strange. She did things she NEVER does like run past her boundaries to the neighbors’ home, she misbehaved a lot. That was a few hours ago. And just recently we had an EARTHQUAKE here! Maybe Shelly knew it was coming and was afraid. I hope she is calm now because her mummy and daddy are not at home.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna, Hope it was not a big earthquake, we can not imagine what it is like as we do not get earthquakes in England very often and if we do they are very small so you do not feel them. Mummy knows all about earthquakes as she comes from Japan. Of course us doggies have senses you humans could only dream of having.
      Love Coco & Silky

  2. Hermione Sheltie says:

    It’s been raining here, too. But I was happy to stay inside and have naps. I don’t like thunder and lightening. But no one was here to teach me tricks. You are so lucky to have your Mommy with you to teach you to be so clever. Tomorrow I will go to agility, so maybe I will have some new tricks to show off.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Hermione,
      The rain here was quite horrible, it was not a storm luckily but it rained for most of the day. Learning new tricks is fun so we are trying to learn many more. Unfortnately I can’t do agility any more but Silky will start soon when she is one year old.
      Love Coco

  3. クーママ says:

    でも多分オチリ重くて引っくり返りそう(* ̄m ̄)プッ

    • cocosheltie says:


  4. みつまめ says:

    う~ん、うちもチャレンジしてみたいです…サモたろうだと入れ物が壊れるかも(* ̄m ̄)

    • cocosheltie says:


  5. COCOちゃん余裕でやってますね!流石に賢さが違いますね。

  6. cocosheltie says:


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