Trick Thursday

We have been thinking which trick we can learn next.  It is very  important to know exactly what you want to do before starting, isn’t it?

I can do “Bow” perfectly now and it is quite cute.  So next trick should be something not too easy but something engaging…


I found this red case was very comfy to sleep in.  It is too small for Silky to get down in there but I am a petit girly girl so I could easily fit in there.  Still, it was a bit difficult at first to get in this tiny space, although I can have a nap nap in there now.


Mummy wants me to hide myself completly in the case after I get down in there, but it is difficult because I want to see where the yummy is, which is in mummy’s hand.

Silky is going to polish her “Bang!” and meantime she decided to learn “Walk back”.  Somehow I could do it without being taught, couldn’t I daddy?  I can do it only with daddy’s handsignal.


However, Silky is thinking more advanced thing, which is walk up stairs backwards. It is a bit too much isn’t it, mummy?

Mummy says she had watched some videos on Youtube and insists if other doggies can do it Silky can do it too.  Fair enough but the thing is if mummy can teach Silky well…isn’t it, daddy?


Phew…this brain- stimulating training session is fun but tiring.  I am having a rest until din-dins time.


What?  Where is Silky?  She is sleeping, too.



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    Just so dang cute!!! Great job!

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