I want wings.

It is woofly wonderful day today, very warm and very sunny!  We went to the park and spent lovely 2 and a half hours.


In the park Coco followed her favourite people as usual so I was really irritated because it took time to get to Silky bench.


I always try to jump higher and higher, and run faster and faster.  It is just my habit.  But today I was a bit different.  I was more serious.


I started with chasing the birds while Coco was following other people.  After I chase these birds off I go back to mummy jumping into her arm because she likes it.

Then, I kept running around.  This is my daily warm-up.

When we came closer to the Silky bench I barked and barked at mummy.  Woof…I feel I can jump very high today!!


Coco did the Frisbee too.  She is getting better but she gets bored easily.   When she gets bored she always goes under the bench.  I don’t know why?


Mummy didn’t want to leave Coco on her own so she encouraged Coco and threw the Frisbee for her.  Coco chased it but then she sat down and started sunbathing.


Mummy asked me if I wanted to finish.  NO WAY!!  I can do this all day, you know.  Throw the ball for me!!  I’m ready for jump!!


How was my jump today?

By the way, can I have a set of wings, daddy?  It’s always the top of my wishlist.  If I had wings I could jump higher and longer, couldn’t I?


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6 Responses to I want wings.

  1. Gail Waller says:

    You & Silky are so beautiful & smart. I enjoy reading about your daily activities. You lead such exciting lives. You can jump really high.
    love you both

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Gail,

      You can find something exciting every day even though it is something very small. I think Silky and I are mummy’s life so we make sure she enjoys her walk every day. Love Coco

  2. My favorite picture is the one where Silky is jumping in the air while the birds are flying above her; Silky, you look like you’re flying too!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Neurotic Workaholic,

      My favourite picture is the same and also Silky in the air with the airplane. She looks very happy when she is jumping isn’t she? Love Coco

  3. はなママ says:


    • cocosheltie says:


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