Agility on Sunday

This is the third week of my girly girl time, so I will be able to run soon!!  Yahoo!! 

Yesterday, daddy got an e-mail from my Fun agility class.  They said that the class had to delay the start due to bad weather, so I could join them!!  Yahoo, Yahoo!!

Although I’m on the lead I want to walk quickly and briskly, and so does mummy.  However, Coco wants to walk veeeeeery slowly.  Yesterday, mummy took us somewhere different and it was very quiet.  Mummy and I enjoyed the sun and breeze, while Coco was…somewhere very far form us.


She just keeps sniffing.  She is too serious to notice us calling her.  I also sniff here and there but if mummy calls me I immediately go to mummy.  Look at Coco’s serious face.


Even if there was this pretty daffodil Coco doesn’t care.  Well, this daffodil doesn’t seem to care about Coco, either.


By the way daddy, I practiced “Weave” a little bit this morning. I think I liked it!!



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6 Responses to Agility on Sunday

  1. Megan and Montana says:

    You will be an agility champion someday

  2. Gail Waller says:

    Silky I know you will do great in agility. Coco likes to investigate things around her so she can know what is going on. You & she have such interesting lives. Keep us posted how you do in agility. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories.
    love you & Coco.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Gail,
      Silky is looking forward to her class, and we will post about the lessons. Love Coco and Silky

  3. はなママ says:


    • cocosheltie says:


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