Lady I

We went somewhere different again today. We walked passed residential area and came to this big field.  I could only see green land and trees as far as I could see. 


We walked around the field, crossed the railway bridge, walked through our usual smaller park and headed towards home.  On our way home, there is a house where four West Highland Terriers live.  When we walk past their side gate they always bark, so Silky and I tried to hide behind mummy as usual. 


However, I heard someone saying “Stop barking.  Come here.”  That voice!! That kind, gentle, warm voice with a bit of Scottish accent…That is my beloved Lady I’s voice!! 

Lady I noticed us and came out of the side gate to stroke me.  Oh my woof!!  What a lovely surprise to see Lady I!  Why are you here, Lady I?

Lady I said that she was looking after the doggies for the owner today.  After a while, mummy said we should go, but I didn’t want to.  Mummy pulled me, but I tried to stop.  Then Mummy turned the corner and it was the front gate of the Westies’ house. 


I tried to get in but mummy said the magic ward “lunch lunch” so I gave up and followed mummy and Silky. Not that “lunch” is more important than Lady I.  Just, you know…I was hungry.

We walked a lot today, daddy!  Mummy’s pedometer showed about 8400 steps, which means that we walked about 4km!



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6 Responses to Lady I

  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    Oh, I should get a pedometer! I don’t think I walk that many steps daily. How many steps a day do YOU GIRLS walk?

    • cocosheltie says:

      Donna and Shelly,
      You should get one because it is quite encouraging to see how much you achieve. We walk a lot every day but not like 4km. It was special. Love Coco and Silky and mummy

  2. Gail Waller says:

    Looks like u girls had another adventuresome day. Know you enjoyed it but you both look tired out & are getting your rest now. I need to be walking my Shelby it is a pretty day here in East TExas. Have a good week.
    Love you both,

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Gail,

      If mummy had a driving license she might not walk like this. In a way we might be lucky. Have a good weekend! Love Coco and Silky

  3. I especially love the last picture of you and Silky snuggling together; it shows how you are both so attached to each other. My parents’ dogs snuggle up together too. They like to lean on each other like they’re pillows.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Neurotic Workaholic,

      We slept together in the sun like that for about 20 minutes but then I moved because it was getting a bit hot. Hmmmm…using Coco as my pillow would be quite comfortable…Love Silky

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