What to do on a boring day.

I’m bored…really really bored…bored to death.

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My paw paw is much better but I am not allowed to go to the muddy park yet.  Mummy takes Silky and me out together but after walking around the pavement we come back home and only Silky goes to the park.  Mummy says that Silky is missing walkies with me but I’m not sure about that.  Look at her happy face.



Or she forgets everything when she plays with the ball and the Frisbee.  Once she knocked over the big doggie when she was chasing the ball but she didn’t notice anything, did she?

I was so bored and miserable, mummy decided to film our trick  “Getting into smaller container 2”.  We did this before but this time the smallest container is much smaller than the last time.



I couldn’t get in the smallest one but it was because of my little paw paw.  Otherwise, I could have…..I think…..well, maybe…..
Anyway, I will get in the smallest one with a bit more practice because sometimes I could for the fraction of a second.

Sigh…I’m bored again.
Then, I heard mummy calling us.  What now?  More training?

We ran to mummy and found all the containers on the floor in the kitchen.  WOOF!!
Silky and I got in all of them one after another to get more treats.  We were frantic!



However, mummy called us only for photo-taking.


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12 Responses to What to do on a boring day.

  1. Gail Waller says:

    Coco, you & Silky both are just beautiful. I so enjoy reading whats going on in your lives. Coco, please take good care of that paw paw. Maybe it will be well soon then u can play like before.
    I love you both.
    Gail from Texas

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Gail,

      I am glad you enjoy our stories. We will try to find something funny story for you! Love Coco and Silky

  2. Donna and Shelly says:

    I would love to teach shelly the box tricks. maybe i will try one day.

  3. はなママ says:


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  4. michelle says:

    Oh you two darlings, you are so entertaining; and yes, you look marvelous in your little containers. Bravo!
    I loved you both in the containers. You are incredibly smart and gorgeous. We love you so, so much!
    michelle and zak, your sheltie friend from Texas

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. We will try to learn more tricks for you. Love Coco and Silky

  5. ManSteflat says:


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  6. ChakosisterM says:

    COCOちゃんもSilkちゃんもほんとに表情豊かですよね!拗ねたような表情のCOCOちゃんと満面の笑顔のSilkちゃん(笑) 久し振りのトリック、ふたりとも頑張っていますね!一番小さい容器、入れるのかな?と思ったら器用に足を揃えて入ったSilkちゃん。体が大きいから難しいのかと思いきや、長い脚で楽々クリアしてしまいましたね。すごい!

    • cocosheltie says:



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