Coco’s Biography


I was born on the 9th of July 2007. I had one sister and two brothers and I was the smallest, and the only one who had this full white collar around my neck.

19th of August, a couple came to visit our breeder mummy’s house. I didn’t know who they were but I was sitting with them quite a long time while my other siblings were sleeping.  I didn’t understand what they were saying because I was only a 6 week-old Sheltie puppy baby but  I could feel they liked me.

10th of September, the couple visited the breeder mummy’s house again and woof!! I left there with them for good. They were my mummy and daddy!! On the same day I had a first visit to the vet and met my favourite Andy. Since then I always like Andy.

18th of September, I met nanny Joan for the first time. She was very gentle and I liked her immediately, and 4 days after that I met granddaddy Mick too.

3rd of October, I attended the puppy party at the vet. I met other doggies for the first time and I was a bit nervous hiding under the chair, because other doggies were huge. Still I enjoyed being there and for the first time daddy noticed my beaming face, saying “Coco is smiling!”.

6th of October, it was the day of my first walkies. I was scared of going outside on my own four legs so mummy and daddy took me to a small green place at first. Hmmm…it seems OK, I thought, and after that I enjoyed my first walkies to my favourite park.

14th of October I got on South West train for the first time to go to London.

21st of October I met my uncle Darren, auntie Kelly and my cousin, Shannon and Olivia. We went to Bushy park together and I saw big birds and deer.

15th of November I had my first shampoo, just before my first holiday at nanny Joan’s.

In December I met Japanese nanny Masae for the first time. She stayed with us for a while and I entertained her a lot sleeping in her bed, being stroked a lot, chewed the wheels of her suitcase and so on.


Since the end of December I was suffering from bad tummy and lost quite a lot of weight.

I also hurt my back leg and took x-ray for the first time. Andy looked after me and woof! He was really good. It took a few months to heal this, though.

In June I went to the caravan and saw the sea for the first time. It was woofly big and I wondered why the water was moving.

From 15th of July to 19th of August I attended a dog training course (Foundation course) at Capable canines. I was shy at first but gradually I got more confident and mummy and daddy learnt how to teach me.

From 30th of August I went to Cornwall with mummy, daddy and nanny Masae and stayed at a cottage for the first time. It was a woofly wonderful holiday. Of course I slept in nanny Masae’s bed.

In December my weight was 8.15 kg!! I was a fat girl!! I decided to go on a diet on the 27th. I am 5.4 kg now, by the way.


6th of August my photo was in Asahi news paper in Japan. You know, in one of those “Pretty pet” sections.

8th of August I won the prettiest bitch and got 5th place for the pedigree working section at Chertsey dog show. This was when I decided that I should go for modelling. I still remember the moment the judge pointed at me as a winner! It was woofly marvellous!! I felt as though I was the prettiest girly girl in the whole world!!

19th of December I went to Cotswolds with mummy, daddy and nanny Masae and stayed at a hotel for the first time. Of course I slept in nanny Masae’s bed.


26th and 27th of March I spent two nights at the vet. It was a horrible experience. I couldn’t eat or drink, just kept vomiting. They didn’t know how to wash my bottom like mummy does so…they shaved my skirt…

From 16th of May I started Fun Agility. I enjoyed myself but I hurt my leg after a while and realized that it was not really my thing. Still I performed at Chiswick dog show in September and people liked me. You can watch the video if you like.

August I started Facebook and dog blog.

From 4th of September I went to the Lake District with mummy, daddy and nanny Masae. It was an amazing holiday and climbing the old man of Coniston was an unforgettable memory. I met Peter rabbit there, and of course I slept in nanny Masae’s bed.

November my photo at Old man of Coniston won something and I got a bag of swag from 4 legged London.

The same photo won a prize at daddy’s camera club.

8th of November I started blogging because I wanted to write more about my happy life.

12th of December I got my little sister Silky, and then my life changed.


Since I got my little sister Silky, I have been busy looking after her, but still I stared to show my cooking skill, keep trying to become a top super model, never forget to lick daddy’s face and ears.

29th of April I was going to attend the Royal wedding but my invitation was delayed! I’ll never forgive the postie.

I’ve been limping for a while so mummy and daddy took me to the vet to see my favourite Andy, and I had x-ray on the 8th of June. From next day I started to have bad tummy and then it deteriorated. It was because of anaesthetic. You know, my tummy is extremely sensitive…I envy Silky.

The result of x-rays was good but still I have to look after properly my dainty tiny leggies for a while.

July I went to New Forest with mummy, daddy and Silky, and stayed at B&B for the first time.

9th of July, my birthday. Mummy and Daddy gave me my own website for my birthday present. WWW.COCOSHELTIE.COM


20th of April, We moved to our new house. At first I thought we were at a holiday cottage with our own furniture and it took a couple of days to realize that it was our new house.

17th of October, I met a lady to be assessed to become a therapy dog.  We waited for the reply for a few weeks and I passed!

29th of November, Mummy and I went to the home for our first visit.

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  1. Julia says:

    I love your Shelties, they are so cute and smart. I wish it were my Shelties
    I’ll go get me two shelties, exactly in the same colors as your Shelties 😀 they are so beautiful. I wish you a lot of fun with your little sweet Shelties
    many greetings
    Julia the biggest Sheltie-Fan from Germany 😀

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Julia,

      Mummy and daddy love Sheltie a lot too, and they say having more than one Shelties is real fun. Love Coco and Silky

  2. Anuradha says:

    U are adorable-do u have a FB page-our huskies have a FB page-what is urs

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