Silky’s Biography


I was born on the 17th of October. I was an only puppy girl there but both my doggie mummy and daddy were there, as well as other sheltie aunties and uncles and also my best friend cat, Vindi.It was one very big happy family. Here you can see photo’s of me from birth to 8 weeks

19th of November I noticed that my breeder mummy was sending a message to someone about me. I was wondering what it was about.

20th of November a couple and a sable colour sheltie came to visit us. I sat on the lady’s lap for a while and it was very comfortable.However this sable colour sheltie was not friendly.Every time I tried to say hello she showed her teeth and got angry at me.

29th of November the same couple and the sable colour sheltie came to see me again. This sheltie was nasty to me…again…

5th of December the same family came to see me. I was getting used to the sable shelties attitude and the lady and the gentle man were quite soft and friendly to me.I was wondering why they came to see me every week?

12th of December again this family was there, and to my surprise I left my breeder mummy’s house with them.

I arrived at my new home and after a while all the electricity in the house went…it was dark…

While an electric man was working on it, I was shut inside the baby gate with the sable colour sheltie, Coco, my big sister. Strange enough, inside of the gate we sat side by side but she was OK with me.I started thinking she isn’t that nasty after all.

13th of December I went to the vet. It was scary.I was on the table and touched everywhere…didn’t like it very much.I also got onSouth West train for the first time. It was fun!!

15th of December mummy and daddy found out that my granddaddy was Coco’s great granddaddy. It’s a small world!!

18th of December I had my first shampoo. Woof!! It was very refreshing and I liked the warm water.


25th of December I went to nanny Joan and granddaddy Mick’s house for Christmas.I met them for the first time.I am shy doggie but I liked them because they gave me a lot of pressies.




3rd of January it was my first walkies. I met Coco’s friends and they were very gentle to me.Every time I went to the park with mummy and Coco, mummy carried me half way and I quite liked it.

9th of January my puppy class started. There were 4 puppies including me. I was shy and didn’t play with other puppies but I liked the trainer lady because she smelt like biscuits.

14th of January I went downstairs on my own. By the way Coco was much older when she went downstairs on her own.

30th of January I met my breeder mummy and my old family at the park. I took photos with my biological daddy too.

By the way Coco snapped at every one of my breeder mummy’s shelties but not at Saturn. I think she likes Saturn.

20th of February I went to nanny Joan’s house for my first holiday with Coco. Every morning I sat on the bed with nanny and Coco and I liked it but you know…Coco was always jealous.

12th of March in the morning when daddy opened the baby gate I ran upstairs and jumped on the bed to say “Good morning!” to mummy and well…I peed on the duvet.

13th of March I jumped in the pond in Windsor Great Park.It was a shock for me because I jumped to get ducks but it was not hard ground.I thought I did something naughty but mummy and daddy were happy so well…I was happy too.

26th of March I went to the vet with Coco and discovered my eye was infected a bit. I got eye drops and it cured soon.It was scary being examined…

29th of March I went to the vet again to collect Coco.I met Coco’s favourite Andy to have my eye checked.I understood why Coco liked him.

12th of May I tried photography using daddy’s big man’s camera, and decided to start photography.

17th of May my last baby fang fell out!! What a relief because I might have had to go to the dentist otherwise.



21st of May we went to the ESSC Sheltie camp and met my breeder mummy and the family.I tried agility and enjoyed it a lot!!I decided to do  agility and all sorts of sports when I am old enough.

I also passed the Bronze of Kennel club citizen ship thingy.

In June Coco had a bit of hard time so I looked after Coco. Now she is much better so I am very happy because I can now play fight with her a lot more than before!! (But mummy sometimes stops us, spoilsport…;).

July I went to New Forest with mummy, daddy and Coco. This was my first family holiday!!Hooray!

18th of October My first Birthday without mummy.



13th of January my full blood related brother App was born.

18th of March I started my Fun agility class.

20th of April We moved to our new house with a pretty garden.  Woof!!

During the summer I had proper agility lesson with my breeder mummy, Rosie and Rhoda.

22th of September I started Rosie’s agility class.

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