Coco’s Profile

Name                                                  Coco

Pedigree name                                  Renesons Royal Pumpkin

Date of birth                                      9th of July 2007

Occupation                                        Model

Ambition                                            To be top super model

Most favourite food                         Chicken, apple

Most favourite people                     Daddy, The Queen

Interest                                               Fashion, Cooking, Modelling, Therapy

Slightly annoying thing                   Silky is bigger than I am

Favourite toy                                     Daddy’s pyjama shorts

If I could                                             I want to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed.

Favourite song                                  Who let the dogs out

Favourite film                                   Lassie

Favourite place                                 Daddy’s shoulder

I am                                                     Very friendly to people.

Most memorable time                     Holiday in the Lake District

I like                                                    When people talk to me

Colour                                                Pink

Words                                                Play, Ball, String, Daddy, Nanny Joan

Hobby                                                Licking daddy, especially his ears

Scared of                                           Loud noise and voices




5 Responses to Coco’s Profile

  1. Shelly says:

    How old is Coco now?

  2. Sherri Petrie says:

    Coco – I had a petite little sheltie girl named Zoe who also loved to lick her Daddy’s ears and sleep on his shoulder as well. I was heart broken when we lost her (blood clots in the lungs) but I didn’t want her to suffer. When her Daddy would get his hair cut short she would jump up on the back of the couch and nuzzle his neck because his hair was sooo soft 🙂 . But she was a Mommy’s girl, she slept with me every nite and when I had to stay in the hospital Rob (my Hubby) bought me a stuffed dog to sleep with so I wouldn’t be lonely. Now we have just one sheltie Mariah she is a sable merle as well as a chihuahua Trixie and a chihuahua/schnauzer mix Phoebe. I really enjoy following you and your sister and seeing what you two are up to. I especially love all of your outfits – my girls don’t really like being dressed up. I put them in costumes at Halloween and that lasted about 10 minutes bol bol bol – 2 of them were inmates Mariah & Trixie and Phoebe was a Deputy Sheriff (Jailer) just like her Daddy, hes is a Sgt. for the Sheriff Department. They sure looked cute!!!!!!!

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