Silky’s Profile

Name                                         Silk

Pedigree name                        Licosateria Rose De Mai

Date of birth                            17th of October 2010

Occupation                               Athlete, assistant cameradog

Ambition                                  Top super athlete

Most favourite food                Lettuce, Apple, Carrot

Most favourite people            Daddy, maybe mummy too

Interest                                      SportsPhotography,Animal,Horserace,F1,
Agility, Baking, Opera, Singing

Slightly annoying thing         Mummy wants me to be a bit fluffier.

Favourite toy                            David the duck, Mummy’s slippers, oven gloves

If I could                                    I want to chase bikes and cars.

Favourite song                         How much is the dog in the window

Favourite film                          Hachi

Favourite place                        Silky area

I am                                           Quite sociable with doggies and people with sweeties

Most memorable time           When I jumped in the pond

I like                                          When people give me sweeties

Colour                                       Yellow

Words                                       Puppy, Papapa, Brekkie, lunch-lunch, din-dins

Hobby                                       Jumping, Running, Frisbee, ball

Scared of                                  Darkness, Being at the vets

7 Responses to Silky’s Profile

  1. Cass says:

    May I use the pictures of Silky to make a poster? It will be for personal use only. And just wanted to say that Silky looks adorable!

  2. I love all your photos and blogs Coco and Silky. You are both enchanting with your stories and accomplishments.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Micheline,
      We are very happy to hear that. We will try to blog as often as we can for you. Love Coco and Silky

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