Mummy’s promises

When mummy started working part-time mummy promised us a couple of things.

She promised us that we would never miss our walkies and lunch-lunch, she would always come home at around our din-din time, and she would buy lots of yummy biscuits with her wages.
Also, she told us that she was going to buy something for us with her first wage in the UK.

The last Thursday in August, mummy got her memorable first wage in the UK and we all went to a pet department store.
Mummy is going to keep her promise.  That is why we love mummy.

However, the thing she bought for us with her first wage was this.

図書館でのパートを始めるにあたってCoco、シルキーと約束したことは「絶対にお散歩は欠かさない」「晩御飯までに帰ってくる」「パートのお給料でたっくさんオヤツを買ってあげる」。そして初めてのお給料では何かCocoとシルキーのためになる物を買ってあげる。8月最後の木曜日は初めてのお給料日♥ 週末にみんなでペットショップへお買い物。そして買いました。念願のシェーバー。足裏の毛をカットするものです。Coco、シルキー、全然嬉しそうじゃありません。

Paw-paw hair shaver.  

Something for us….
Is this something for us?

Mummy had known our paw-paw hair had been overgrown but left them to use this paw-paw hair shaver.


Mummy turned it on.

I hate buzzing noise.  Fly, drone, etc.  Whatever it is, I hate it.
So I attacked the thing and mummy held me not to move.

Buzz….Buzz……Buzz…..The shaver buzzed.
Grrr…..Grrr….Grrr…..I growled.
I endured for mummy.
Mummy must have thought that Silky and I would be happy to have the paw-paw hair shaver.  That must be why she spent her memorable first wage in the UK on  it.  I mustn’t ruin her moment.



I don’t know what all this nonsense is about but mummy and daddy were both extremely happy about the result.

It took a while for Silky to allow mummy to use a pair of little trimming scissors to cut her paw-paw hair, so this buzzing shaver is a little bit too much for her yet.  However, mummy tried Silky’s back paw-paw while Silky was squirrel watching and she didn’t care.


We always look after the house while mummy is happily struggling at the library.
I think that she will buy a huge box of yummy biscuits when she gets her second wage.

Love Coco

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Egham Royal Show

We went to one of our annual summer events “Egham Royal Show” on Saturday and Sunday to attend the dog agility display. We ran the course which auntie E had designed. It was difficult but fun!  We did a couple of runs each in the morning and then it was the time for the Dog show.

Other agility doggies entered a couple of classes and mummy and daddy felt”Why not?”. They decided to enter me in “The best veteran” and “The dog the judge would like to take home” or something.

I was confident.  I must be the cutiest and fittest veteran doggie in the area.
Surely, I am prettier than him, aren’t I?


The judge lady came to us and asked my age.
“Yes, I am 10 years old”.
The judge lady said that I looked very good for 10 years old.

Then, I showed off my athletic jolly and light gait.
Nobody will beat me, daddy.  I’m the best veteran in the area.


However, I was the bottom.
I was called at the very end.  Mummy was laughing.
Well, maybe the judge lady thought I looked too young and fit to be called “Veteran”.

ところが結果は最下位? 順番あるのか分からないけど、最後の最後に名前呼ばれたんだけど、どういうこと? その後の「家に連れて帰りたい犬」部門でも全くかすりもせずの惨敗。

Then, it was the time for the next class “The dog the judge would like to take home” or something.
Surely, she would want to take me home, wouldn’t she?

However, she chose other doggies.  She didn’t want to take me home.

We had to do something about this result.

The following day, mummy and daddy decided to enter Silky.
Mummy groomed Silky and she was very shiny, fluffy and pretty.
She will win “The prettiest bitch”, won’t she, daddy?


However, they didn’t have “The prettiest bitch” on the second day.
Therefore, mummy and daddy entered Silky in “The best 6 legs (Silky for 4 and daddy for 2)” and also  “The best condition”.
Nobody has long and slender legs or beautiful and shiny coat like Silky does.  Silky has the most beautiful legs and coat in the area.

It was Silky’s first ever dog show but she did really really well.  She didn’t mind being touched by the judge lady on the table and she ran along daddy as though she was a real show dog.

She was stunning……….

結果・・・「ベスト6本足(妙な訳でスミマセン)」でリザーブをゲット。でもベストコンディションでは入賞せず。なぜ~? おかしいわ。絶対おかしいわあのジャッジ・・・と思ったショーでした(飼い主バカです)。

However, the result was……..

Silky got “Reserved” for “The best 6 legs” and none for “The best condition”.

It was a very strange dog show.

Love Coco

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I’ve retired.

Hello Everyone.  It’s been woofly long since we did blogging last.  We have had this and that since then, and now I have made a big decision.  What do you think it is?


Yes, I have decided to retire from Pets As Therapy.
I have worked as a therapy doogie for nearly 5 years and during this time I met lots of lovely ladies and gentlemen.  And also I had quite a few very memorable breakthroughs.  Each one of them is very precious memory for mummy and me.  If we were still visiting the old residential care home it would have been difficult to quit.


The reason of my retirement is not because I am 10 years old or the old residential care home was closed down.
The reason is……


Our mummy got a job.  She is now working for the library.
It’s a part-time job, so mummy can spend enough time with us in the morning and then she goes to work while we are having our beauty napnap and then then she comes home by our dindin time.  Also, the library is closed on Mondays so mummy and I can go to my Monday agility class.  What a perfect part-time job she got!

Mummy tried to continue our visiting to the new residential care home, but oh my woof!  There are woofly lots of things to learn for mummy.  Someone said “Those library people are just saying Hello and Goodbye” but they are saying and doing more than that.
You can see   if you are interested in what mummy is getting into.

Anyway, do not worry, mummy. We look after the house while you are struggling to learn things at work.


And also , don’t worry, everyone.
I contacted to the area coordinator lady and she said there are a few people living near the new residential care home so she would be able to find our replacement very quickly.
The lady and gentlemen at the home will be fine.

Love Coco and Silky

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Test visit for the residential care home

The residential care home we’d been visiting for more than 4 years was officially closed down the end of February so mummy asked the coordinator lady for the waiting list.  However, the coordinator lady told mummy that there was one place which had been waiting for a while, and she gave mummy the contact number and the name of the lady in charge.

One day, mummy called the home and asked for the lady but the lady wasn’t working at the home anymore.  Mummy explained why she was calling and then they said the name of a new lady who was in charge, which was “Lady C”, however, Lady C wasn’t working on the day.

Mummy called back a couple of days later and asked for Lady C, however, mummy was too early.  Lady C was not there yet.

Then, mummy called back again but this time Lady C was out somewhere and mummy was told to call back in two hours.

Mummy called back a bit later than “in two hours” and Lady C was already gone home.

A couple of days later, mummy tried again but Lady C wasn’t there.  I don’t remember the reason anymore but anyway they took our telephone number.

So mummy waited but Lady C never called back.

A couple of days later, mummy tried again but Lady C was…..what was it?
Anyway, they said that they would remind Lady C, and yet nothing happened.

Mummy was going to stop trying but she called one last time yesterday.  Finally, Lady C was there.

Lady C was quietly listening what mummy was explaining, then she said
“How much do you charge us?”

Woof….we are charity.  We don’t charge them anything, do we?  If I can get some biscuits, that would be lovely, though.

Mummy explained about it (not biscuits bit) and then Lady C suddenly became very happy, chirpy and lovely, and they arranged my test visit.

The home was lovely.  It was very different from the one we’d been visiting.  What can I say… was a lot bigger, brighter and what is more the atmosphere was much happier.

Everyone liked me but especially Lady C was over the moon.  She took lots of photos of me and resident ladies as well as with staff.

We stayed about 45 minutes because mummy noticed that I was getting tired.  Yes, it is quite tiring job, you see?

Lady C passionately thanked mummy and hugged, hugged and hugged mummy.  Mummy and I decided to carry on visiting so Lady C and I (not mummy) checked our diary and arranged my next visit.

One of the resident lady asked me if I could do some trick so I showed my specialty “Bang!” and also “Left turn” “Right turn”.  Everyone clapped for my glorious movement and I felt like a star because mummy teaches me tricks and posts them on Youtube but I don’t hear any clapping, do I?

I haven’t practiced tricks recently so I have to brush up my skills and master new ones, too.  Of course, I am going to show my another specialty “Getting in a red suitcase” but not yet.

All in good time.


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Care home update.

I visited the residential care home on Tuesday.
As I mentioned before, the home is closing down by the end of February so there were only 5 ladies in the lounge.
This lady likes me very much and the way she tickles me is amazing.  I don’t know much about her but I can feel she really loves doggies.

Cocoが訪問している老人ホームは2月いっぱいで閉鎖になります。どうやら空港利用者用のB&Bになるとか? ほとんどの人が新しいホームに引っ越して、この日は5人の女性だけがラウンジに。この女性はワンちゃん大好き。会話が出来ないので詳しいことは何も知らないけど、触り方からすると本当に犬が好きな様子。もう一人のお喋り好きじゃJさんがCocoの名前を聞いてきたので答えると「ジョンソン?」いや「Coco です」「ジョンソン」「COCO!」「うーん、ジョンソン」頑張ったけどちょっと不安そうになってきたので私が折れてジョンソンにしときました。

Another lady who loves chatting asked my name.
Me “I’m Coco”
The lady “Johnson?”
Me “No, COCO”
The lady “Johnson”
The lady “Well….Johnson”
We repeated this a few times but I happily decided to be “Johnson”.

Lady G who was my oldest client had moved to the new home before Christmas.    The new home is in the area where she used to live so it seems that she is ever so happy there.

Lady G’s friend, Lady R, was still there but today she is going to move to the same home as Lady G.  Yes, they will be friends again.
We were very happy for Lady R, because she had been worried about the situation a lot.
Last time when we saw her she was very upset.  She explained to us what had happened;
A couple of weeks ago a social worker took her to some home to see if she liked it or not.  Lady R didn’t like the area but anyway the social worker took her there.  Lady R knew she wouldn’t like the place so she started crying in the car, refusing to get out of the car.
The social worker said “You are wasting my time!”
When they came back to the home this social worker didn’t help Lady R get out of the car, although she is 95 years old and has a little bit of difficulty of walking.
What a nasty human being!!!
I hope she won’t see this mean social worker ever again.

My newest client ,Lady H, who had been scared of doggies until recentlt wanted to take my lead so mummy let her.  She happily explained to Lady R how she liked me.  It was a bit of a happy moment but then,
Lady H “I shall miss you”.
Lady R “I’ll miss you, too.  Oh…I’m so worried about you”.
Yes, she is worried about Lady H because she hasn’t got a new place yet.
But Lady H smiled and said “Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine”.
I think she will be fine, daddy.


It was going to be the last time for us to see Lady R so we said proper Bye-Bye to her before we left.

The building is still for sale but it seems that the owner of the home is going to transfer the building to a B&B for people from the airport.
Well, we don’t know if it’s true but that is what we heard.


Love Johnson

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Adventure to Virginia Water via the new agility venue

On Sunday, mummy practiced to go to the new agility venue which uncle Kevin successfully found.
Mummy and daddy carefully studied Google Maps beforehand and we safely got to the venue without any problem.  We got lost a little bit on the way back, though.

We stopped at Chobham to do some walkies.
To start with, mummy and daddy tried a public toilet in the car park.  It was OK but could be better, so they said.  Silky and I are lucky because we can do lovely open-air peepee and poopoo, basically anywhere we like.

We walked around the village and walked into a park which daddy enjoyed very much.

The new venue is near Chobham and it is lovely to drive the pretty way towards there, but we cannot go to Virginia Water after the class anymore because it isn’t on our way home.

Well, that is what we thought.  However!

When mummy and I were enjoying looking at Google Map we found out we could go to the venue via Virginia Water.  Yay!!


We were going to practice this route on the weekend but mummy suddenly decided to go today.  We went via Chertsey on the way which we’d done before because there are a few turns via Virginia Water way.

It took 30 minutes to get there, and now we were going towards Virginia Water.  Last night, mummy told me to remember the order of the turns so I did.
“Right….Right….Left…and Right”.  Each turn was at the dead end so it was easy to remember where.

Now, we are at Sunningdale!
We know the way from here.  Hooray!

On the way, there was a very muddy narrow country road and mummy went off the road once or twice but it was nothing really and it took only 15 minutes to get Virginia Water.

We got out of the car and what a surprise!
We found our friend, auntie Heather and her doggie babies there.  We walked together which was really really lovely.


Auntie Heather had a lunch arrangement with her friend so we said bye-bye and carried on our walkies a little bit longer before heading home.

We can go to Virginia Water after the class like we always did.
Thank you, uncle Kevin, finding the venue in such a lovely location.

Love Coco

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