A little bit of extra

We thought we had finished writing about the adventure in Japan but there are a little bit of extra to show.

Such as the tallest building in Japan “Abeno Harukasu”(the tallest tower is Tokyo sky tree, by the way).  The very tall building in the middle is the one.


It is 300 meter tall and the view from the observatory is amazing.  Mummy isn’t interested in those high places but she said it was worth visiting.



Some part of the floor is glass and you can stand on it if you like.


Also, Osaka Minami which used to be mummy’s playground.


Mummy was surprised because there were mostly young people and tourists at night. When mummy was one of those youngsters she didn’t realized about it.




Also, daddy took granddaddy Mick somewhere called Shinsekai.
When mummy was a young lady someone took her there and she ended up to see exotic dance and very manly people who wore lady’s clothes.  Since then, mummy hasn’t been to that area but daddy says it is quite an interesting area.



There is a famous tower “Tsutenkaku tower”.


The view from the top.


The last day, while mummy was shopping lots of sweeties for us daddy took granddaddy to a little theme park on the top of Mt. Ikoma.
It’s very quiet and small theme park but it is very good if you visit at night in summer because all you can see is beautiful night view of Osaka city.  Especially, if you are on some ride it is woofly scary but exciting.


To go to the top of the mountain, you can take this pretty rope-way.



When mummy and daddy went there last year, they walked down the mountain but mummy strictly told daddy to do “Rope-way up and Rope-way down” after the incident the other day.

This Torii gate is “Hiraoka shrine” which is just in front of the flat where mummy used to live before she came to England.
This shrine is very special to mummy so daddy popped by to say hello for mummy.


Well, that is it.
We wrote all about their adventure in Japan so we will write about us next time.


Love Coco and Silky

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Adventure in Japan part III

Daddy took granddaddy to Kobe to look around foreign residences from the late Meiji and early Taishō eras of Japanese history (Ijinkan) and also beautiful Nunobiki herb gardens & Ropeway.


They left home happily and went to Nunobiki herb gardens first and the disaster happened.

What disaster?

Well, daddy pushed granddaddy Mick off the mountain.
Actually, daddy only told about it briefly so I don’t know how exactly it happened, but it seems that normal people without proper walkie shoes walk down the garden path and enjoy the herbs and flowers.


However, daddy forced granddaddy Mick to go down Hiking trail.  Granddaddy Mick wanted to go back but daddy only said “We are not going back.  We are going down”.
Poor granddaddy Mick had to follow.

He fell and hit a tree and rolled down and hit another tree.
Granddaddy Mick got cuts and bruise as well as bump on his head.  Also, his watch which he’d got from his memorable cruise flew somewhere.  They looked around but only they could find was a part of the belt.

Silky and I checked the map.
Woof….it really looks like proper hiking route.  Dear, dear……


This is granddaddy enjoying lovely ropeway and feeling relieved after the life-threatening incident. You can see the cut on his arm.


Do you know that something similar happened to us, too?  It happened at Box Hill a few years ago.  Mummy didn’t want to go that way but daddy didn’t listen and we had to follow.  You can read about it here.   It is worth reading, seriously.

Maybe, daddy was shocked, too so he didn’t take many photos of Ijinkan area so I will put this pretty photo of rabbits.


Forgiving granddaddy Mick recovered from his severe physical and mental shock quickly and allowed daddy to take him to the aquarium, Kaiyukan.


This aquarium is one of the largest public aquaiums in the world, and is a member of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


This manta is mummy’s all-time favourite.


There are countless of species.



dscf0239-800x533 dscf0246-800x533 dscf0254-533x800

They got on the big wheel, too.


Great view from the wheel.



Anyway daddy, if you want to be the leader of the tour you must not follow your own desire for adventure without thinking of other people’s safety.
Don’t worry, granddaddy Mick.
From now on, I will be the leader so when we go somewhere together you will be safe.

Love Coco


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Adventure in Japan part II

Nana, daddy and mummy took granddaddy Mick to Japanese beautiful ancient cities, Nara and Kyoto.

Mummy says that Nana lives in Nara so it is fairly easy to go there and Nana knows the area very well so she was the leader of the tour, although daddy wanted to be the one.

Firstly, walking though many shops, they came to the Five-storied Pagoda, Kohukuji.  This is the second highest Five-storied pagoda in Japan.


Walking past Sarusawa pond and you will see Ukimido in the middle of the pond.


The autumn leaves were very beautiful behind granddaddy Mick.


Now, it was time for their lunch-lunch.
This is granddaddy Mick enjoying the packed lunch Nanamade with his brilliant chopstick skill.


There are lots of deer in Nara park.  Do you know that they are very well behaved?


Well, you can buy special biscuits for deer and feed them, and what a surprise!
Deer in Nara bow to get the biscuits.


Also, they are very clever because those biscuits are sold on the table and they can steal them easily but they don’t.  Why?

Mummy said every deer looked like me, Silky.


After their lunch-lunch, we came to Kasuga taisha shrine.  Unfortunately the shrine was in the middle of refurbishing so  they couldn’t get inside.


The tour carried on to Nigatsudo.  The view from there is beautiful.


Finally, they came to Todaiji!!
It was exceptionally woofly busy.  Look at those people!!  Full of school trips and tourists.


And this is the great Budda.




Nana’s Nara tour ended here.

Next Nana’s tour was Kyoto.  Nana also knows the area quite well so then again she was the leader of the tour.  Daddy wanted to be the one, of course.

Daddy wanted to take granddaddy Mick to a few places in Kyoto but it is a big city so he narrowed them down to Inari shrine which is the most popular place to visit among foreigners, and Kiyomizu temple which is a world heritage site,

At first, they arrived at Inari shrine.
Woof….there were lots of tourist there, too.


There were people everywhere, and yet what daddy wanted to do was take a photo of the beautiful row of Torii gates without any people in the picture.
Of course, it was difficult so daddy got irritated, frustrated and angry, but he did it!!


Now, daddy was happy chirpy about his achievement, they moved to Kiyomizu temple. The view from the famous Kiyomizu stage is beautiful, so


of course, it was full of people.

dscf0350-800x533 It seems that the whole stage will be covered for refurbishing soon and they are going to finish it by 2020 so granddaddy Mick was very lucky to be able to see the temple.

By the way, there are lots of ladies in Kimono in Kyoto but lots of them are not Japanese but tourists from abroad who rent Kimonos.


They do their hair properly and looked very pretty.
A taxi driver told Nana and mummy that Japanese people don’t wear kimono when they come to Kyoto very much so it is very good that many tourist wear Kimono because they make Kyoto look more like Kyoto.  That is true.


After the tour they decided to have Yakiniku dinner.  Daddy always says that Japanese beef melts in your mouth. dscf0360-800x533

And of course, a glass of cold beer made granddaddy and daddy felt very refreshed after the day trip to Kyoto.


I wonder if I like Japanese beer?

By the way, between their trip to Nara and Kyoto there was some very serious indicent.  Coco will write about it soon.


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Mummy, daddy and granddaddy Mick’s adventure in Japan

One morning, when I woke up from my beauty sleep I saw two huge suitcases lying on the floor.  I soon realized that mummy and daddy were going to leave us again, so I got in the case.


However, mummy kept packing so I had to get out.

Silky and I are used to it.  We don’t mind too much because we can spend lovely holiday time with nanny Joan and granddaddy Mick.

It was different this time.
What was different?
Well, our granddaddy Mick joined mummy and daddy’s trip to Japan.
They flew via very cold Helsinki and arrived Kansai airport safe and sound.


Now, we are going to write about mummy and daddy’s holiday with granddaddy Mick.
First day, mummy and daddy went out together for mummy’s check-up thingy so Nana took granddaddy Mick somewhere called Asuka, Nara.

Next day, daddy took granddaddy Mick to Osaka Kita.  Daddy is very good at this area because every time he visits Japan he goes there.  Mummy is sure he knows about this area much better than mummy does.

Look at this view from daddy’s favourite “Osaka Sky Building”.


Granddaddy Mick enjoying very modern designed esculator.


Woof….They are very interesting architectural structures, aren’t they?



This is underground restaurant area which is designed like old Japanese town.


Hello, Victor!


Then, next next day, daddy took granddaddy Mick to Osaka castle.


Woof….he looks very scary and powerful.  He might not bat an eye even I gave him my super-duper scary face and head-butt.


The view with the golden grampus from the tower.


I’ll finish here for today because it’s time for my din-din time.
Silky will tell you the second part of their trip.  I wonder how many more parts we will have to write.

Love Coco


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Therapy doggie magic

I went to the residential care home today.  I put my yellow uniform on and so did mummy.  Mummy put me in the car and drove to the home, we got off the car and rang the doorbell. It was going to be just an ordinary visit.

However!  We had a woofly massive happy breakthrough today!👍



Do you remember the lady who doesn’t like doggies?  You can read about it here.

Anyway, after we said hello to my regular clients mummy and I walked over to this lady.  As she doesn’t like doggies it’s always mummy who mainly says hello to the lady.  Today was the same at first.

Mummy: Hello.  How are you?
The lady : Hello.  I’m OK.
Mummy:  Good, good.  You don’t want to stroke Coco, do you?
The lady : No.  I don’t like dogs.
Mummy : I know you don’t……but I’m OK, aren’t I?
The lady : Yes, you are nice.

While they were chatting about this and that mummy kept stroking me saying I was a nice doggie.

Then, the lady said “Yes, she looks nice and gentle.”  and held her hand out towards me.  I licked her fingers.  Mummy became a little bit tense because they lady might feel scared,  but the lady was smiling and calm.  She let me lick her fingers for a while.

Mummy asked the lady if she wanted to stroke me and she said “Yes”❤️
Mummy held me near the lady and the lady started to stroke me very slowly and gently.

Mummy :  She is OK, isn’t she?
The lady : Yes.  I was always frightened of dogs but she is very nice.  I’m not frightened at all now.


最初はいつもと同じで犬が嫌いって言ってたけど、話をしているうちに何か変化があったのか、Cocoはいい子言いながら手を差し伸べ、Cocoはナメナメ。焦ったけど、女性はにこやか。そこで撫でてみる?って聞いたらイエス!そして抱っこしてみる?って聞いたらまたイエス! いつかナデナデさせてみせると一人密かに誓って早数ヶ月。私も嬉しかったけどこの女性も90代にして生まれて初めて犬を触って大感動。ずーっと怖かったけど、Cocoは怖くないって。

The lady looked very happy.
So, mummy asked her if she wanted to cuddle me and she said “Yes”❤️❤️

Oh my woof….You can not imagine how happy we all were.
The lady was very excited for holding a doggie for the first time in her life.  She is in her 90s.
Mummy was ecstatic because she had been trying for this breakthrough to happen for months.
I was happy because…..because….well, because the lady and mummy were happy.

Visiting the residential care home can be boring, difficult and even depressing sometimes, but mummy and I cannot stop visiting because we can have this very few but very precious moment.

Mummy thanked the lady saying that she made mummy very very happy today and the lady was even happier.

This is all credit to me.  It was Coco the therapy doggie magic.  I’m very proud of myself.



Love Coco

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2nd Scrambles Agility Show 2016-2017

We went to our favourite Scrambles agility show on Sunday and both team got lots of ribbons and a trophy each.


今シーズン2回目のスクランブルドッグスクールのアジリティ競技会に行って来ました。両チームとも頑張っておリボンいっぱ〜い。トロフィーもいただきました🏆 シルキーは一等、二等、三等そしてクリアーランのフルセット。Cocoは一等と二等を2つでした。まず、シルキーの最初のアジリティ2のビデオをご覧下さい。数年前まではピタリと止まったりリングから逃走しようとしていたのが嘘の様に楽しそうに走ってます。

Silky got a full set, just like I had done at the last show.  You can read about my full set here.
She got 1st for Jumping, 2nd for Agility 1, 3rd for Agility 2 and Clear for Steeplechase.
She was good and fast at Agility 1 and daddy thought their team might have won when they finished the course, however, Silky knocked the first jump bar off so they got 5 points, and yet, they got 2nd!  Yay!!   Silky was happy and flying around with chirpy daddy.

Please watch her video “Agility 2”.
You can not believe that Silky used to stop or run away from the ring every time.

Team “Coco and mummy” was good, too.
We got 1st for Jumping, 2nd for Steeplechase and 3rd for Agility 1 .
What happened to Agility 2?
Well, we were eliminated because I found daddy and ran towards him.  Daddy says that he was hiding but he wasn’t.



Mummy was shouting my name so I ran back to mummy and up on the dog-walk, but I felt mummy wasn’t very pleased.
Help, daddy…….


名前を叫んでやーっと戻って来たけどドッグウォークの上でピタリ。そしてダディの方向を見る😭 それで撮影中止。その後は調子が出て走って走って一等と二等2つ獲得。でも実は最後のランでインストラクターのロージーさんが記録係で座ってた。 Cocoは気づいてなかったけどランの途中でふらふら〜とそっちの方へ行きかけて立ち直った。ホッ。

Because of this incident, mummy and daddy decided not to film rest of the day.  Then, I became on fire 🔥 
When I was running Steeplechase I sensed lovely Rosie (my instructor) aroma and almost lost myself again but I’m clever, I don’t repeat the same mistake in the same day.  I chose to run over Rosie aroma and got 2nd. Yay!

Have a closer look at the lovely trophies.
Team “Daddy and Coco” has got a couple of trophies before but Team “Mummy and Silky” got only rosettes, so this trophies are the first ones for mummy and Silky.
They are gorgeous, aren’t they?


Cocoって麻薬探知犬としてトレーニングしたら良い仕事しそう。 ところで見て見てこのトロフィー🏆 私とシルキーが組んでた時にはリボンは貰ったけどトロフィーは無し。初めてのトロフィー。嬉しいなぁ。

By the way, mummy thinks I would be excellent if I’m trained as a sniffer doggie, working at Heathrow airport.  Should I think about it as my new career?


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