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Yay!! Silky is 6 years old today!

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Coco is 9 years old today!

It’s Coco’s birthday today, and ta-da!!! This is her 9th birthday pressie from mummy and daddy!! It’s quite cool and yellow suits her, doesn’t it? Now, I am going to sing the song for her as usual, alongside Coco’s special dressing-up … Continue reading

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Silky’s 5th birthday.

It’s Silky’s 5th birthday, today. As usual, we will sing “Happy Birthday” for Silky, so please sing along with us. Are you ready?   1…2…3 ! Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky Silky~~~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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Happy birthday daddy

Mummy put my PAT uniform on me but I didn’t want to go to the home because I was going to be busy today.  I had to think this and that for daddy today.  Because it’s daddy’s birthday today. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Happy birthday mummy

It’s mummy’s birthday today, so we must sing “Happy Birthday, mummy” today. We will sing and show what Silky and I have done on mummy’s big day so far. Please, sing along for mummy.  One…Two…Three! Happy Birthday, mummy~~~~~♪ Happy Birthday, … Continue reading

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Silky is 4 years old today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SILKY~♪   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SILKY~♪♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SILKY SILKY~~♪♪♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SILKY~~~♪♪♪♪ It’s my birthday today and I’m big 4 years old now. We woke up as usual, mummy, daddy and Coco said “Happy birthday, Silky” and then … Continue reading

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