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2nd Scrambles Agility Show 2016-2017

We went to our favourite Scrambles agility show on Sunday and both team got lots of ribbons and a trophy each. Silky got a full set, just like I had done at the last show.  You can read about my full … Continue reading

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Annual vaccination and dental health

I went to the vets for my annual vaccination and health check up on Sunday. Mummy and daddy don’t know exactly if vaccination is really bad and it is very difficult so we decided to have it as usual. Silky didn’t … Continue reading

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We lost wiper.

I went to my Thursday agility class with mummy yesterday.  Silky used to go to this class but since we swapped our teams I keep company with mummy at the moment.  Also, going to the venue is good driving practice … Continue reading

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Windsor park and my yellow bandanna

We went to our favourite Windsor park on Sunday.  As usual, we had lunch-lunch and looked around the shop before the walkies. When we were walking down the quiet path we saw a family with little children.  the children wanted … Continue reading

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Scrambles Agility show

We went to the first Scrambles fun/ training show 2016-2017 on Sunday. Before the show, team “Daddy & Silky” was jolly and chirpy but team “Mummy & Coco” was a little bit nervous because whether I can get lots of … Continue reading

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New agility teams

  We had a very important family meeting and decided to swap our agility team.  From now on, we are team “Mummy & Coco” and team “Daddy & Silky” as we originally started. Daddy wanted to make a team with me … Continue reading

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