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It’s daddy’s birthday.

It’s daddy’s birthday today so mummy took us to our woofly favourite Windsor park to sing the song for daddy who is working as usual on his birthday. We parked our car under the tree and headed towards Smiths lawn. … Continue reading

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I’m hungry.

How are you, Silky? About a month ago, Silky started puking during the night.  It got better but started again.  Although her poo-poo was OK something wasn’t right so she had to go to the scary vet.  She had a … Continue reading

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Daddy and his photo club

Daddy did woofly really well at the camera club in 2015. What did he do? Well, daddy got THREE trophies for the year 2015!!  WOOF!! When we go out daddy doesn’t take his big man’s camera with him very often … Continue reading

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Silky is on the mend

About a week ago, our beautiful and slender Miss Silky started puking in the middle of the night.  It was a little puke and she was fine in the morning.  We never thought she wasn’t well. Last Thursday, when she … Continue reading

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We went to Scrambles agility training show on Sunday.  We had missed a couple of shows so Team “Coco and Daddy” has to keep winning to get the glorious trophy at the end of the season. Their rival is “Team … Continue reading

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Silky’s 5th birthday.

It’s Silky’s 5th birthday, today. As usual, we will sing “Happy Birthday” for Silky, so please sing along with us. Are you ready?   1…2…3 ! Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky Silky~~~~~~~   Happy Birthday, Silky~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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