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Dressing up for dinner.

21st of July is mummy and daddy’s wedding anniversary.  We always did something together except last year because mummy’s daddy died on the day. I wonder…..Are they going to do something this year? Are they going out? Are they having special dinner? … Continue reading

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It’s girly girl’s day in Japan.

The 3rd of March is girly girl’s day (Hinamatsuri) so mummy put our pretty dolls out. This is mine, This is Silky’s, and this, which is more traditional looking one, is mummy’s. Well, I want to write about this important … Continue reading

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Our Christmas outfit collection

It’s December and mummy put our pretty Christmas decorations out.  While mummy was putting all those decorations out I was looking through my Christmassy outfits.  Wooof…everything is very precious to me, daddy.  Every one of them has its own very special … Continue reading

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Scary Staffy

We went to the park with mummy today.  We hadn’t done this for a while so Silky and I trotted all the way to the park.  The air was damp and the ground was comfortably muddy. We saw a Staffy running and … Continue reading

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Dressing-up for spring

I looked back what we’d been writing on our blog and WOOOOOF!!  The last five articles were about agility!!  We are proper agility doggies, aren’t we, Silky?  It is good because doing agility is woofly good exercise for all of us and … Continue reading

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Dressing up for the new year..

We thought that mummy would have to get a new camera because it showed a dark grey spot right in the middle of photos.  However!!  Daddy fixed it after watching this Youtube video.  There was also a pale line but after … Continue reading

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