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Adventure in Japan part II

Nana, daddy and mummy took granddaddy Mick to Japanese beautiful ancient cities, Nara and Kyoto. Mummy says that Nana lives in Nara so it is fairly easy to go there and Nana knows the area very well so she was … Continue reading

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Mummy, daddy and granddaddy Mick’s adventure in Japan

One morning, when I woke up from my beauty sleep I saw two huge suitcases lying on the floor.  I soon realized that mummy and daddy were going to leave us again, so I got in the case. However, mummy … Continue reading

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Our lovely, marvellous and magical weekend holiday

Saturday morning, we departed for our lovely weekend holiday destination.  Coco and I were excited not knowing where we were heading.  30minutes past…an hour past…daddy was speeding… One and a half hours past…then, daddy said “in 15 minutes we’ll be there!”  Woofy!! The … Continue reading

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Daddy has gone…

Daddy took us to the park. And then, he was gone… Daddy left us… Coco said that daddy had gone to Japan.  I wonder if he can get to Japan without getting lost. It seems that he could because we … Continue reading

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E-mail from mummy

We got an e-mail from mummy today.  It seems that mummy has been having jolly good time there, while Silky and I have been helping daddy with cleaning, washing and cooking. Mummy went to some pet shop, too.  Look at … Continue reading

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Holiday in Devon part 2

 The third day, Daddy took us to “Becky Falls”.  It was still raining in the morning, so we put our pretty rain coats on and started our walkies.  We walked one the trails which took about hour and a half.  … Continue reading

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