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A little bit of extra

We thought we had finished writing about the adventure in Japan but there are a little bit of extra to show. Such as the tallest building in Japan “Abeno Harukasu”(the tallest tower is Tokyo sky tree, by the way).  The … Continue reading

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Adventure in Japan part III

Daddy took granddaddy to Kobe to look around foreign residences from the late Meiji and early Taishō eras of Japanese history (Ijinkan) and also beautiful Nunobiki herb gardens & Ropeway. They left home happily and went to Nunobiki herb gardens … Continue reading

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Mummy, daddy and granddaddy Mick’s adventure in Japan

One morning, when I woke up from my beauty sleep I saw two huge suitcases lying on the floor.  I soon realized that mummy and daddy were going to leave us again, so I got in the case. However, mummy … Continue reading

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What daddy did in Japan.

It has been a few days since mummy and daddy came back from Japan.  Daddy showed us lots of photos and videos, and it seems that they had really jolly good time while Silky and I were looking after the … Continue reading

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Mummy and daddy went to Tokyo..1

We hadn’t heard anything from mummy and daddy for a while.  Why?  Have they forgot about us?  Is holiday in Japan that enjoyable, even without us? When Coco and I were talking about this and that, we got an e-mail … Continue reading

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