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New agility teams

  We had a very important family meeting and decided to swap our agility team.  From now on, we are team “Mummy & Coco” and team “Daddy & Silky” as we originally started. Daddy wanted to make a team with me … Continue reading

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It’s daddy’s birthday.

It’s daddy’s birthday today so mummy took us to our woofly favourite Windsor park to sing the song for daddy who is working as usual on his birthday. We parked our car under the tree and headed towards Smiths lawn. … Continue reading

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Chertsey show 2016

We went to our summer tradition “Chertsey show” on Saturday.  We’ve been to the show every year since 2013, haven’t we, daddy? Some people might remember that I won the prettiest bitch at the show in 2009, when I was … Continue reading

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Home alone

The day which mummy had been waiting for 5 months had finally come. And I had been wondering what would happen to Silky and me on the day for 5 months. Yes….As I suspected mummy and daddy left us in the … Continue reading

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Garden Veggies Update

Our garden veggies are doing well. Before we started “Coco & Silky veggie farm” we didn’t know how they grow.  Knowing about it is very intriguing, isn’t it, daddy? Did you know that potato flowers are this beautiful? Then, a … Continue reading

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Cough repellent

A couple of months ago when mummy was coughing very badly she tried all sorts of things, such as gargle, honey & lemon, hot water, steam, wearing masks, cough syrup, and so on, but nothing worked at all.  However, this … Continue reading

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